Finsbury student wins internship alongside Jon Snow

A FINSBURY student is on the way to becoming the next Jon Snow after he won a four month internship at Channel 4 News.

Jonross Swaby, 23, of Wynyatt Street, will be rubbing shoulders with everyone’s favourite newsreader when he jets into the TV newsroom as part of a programme for emerging talent.

Channel 4 is sponsoring Jonross on a Master of Arts in Television Journalism at City University, in Northampton Square, Finsbury.

During his undergraduate degree at the university, the precocious youngster edited the student newspaper City Offline, won two awards at the Students’ Union ball, and had his work published and broadcast on BBC 1xtra, The Voice newspaper, and the New London Review.

After his graduation ceremony last month, Jonross said: “I have really enjoyed working on the student newspaper and it has been an invaluable experience in terms of progressing my career.

“I excelled in English subjects at school but didn’t want to study English Literature. I knew I would be better off with a degree that had an established career path. I was already studying media for my A-levels and that, along with my involvement in the school newspaper, kicked-started my ambition to get into the media.

“However the course at City is what really fuelled my passion for journalism and gave me the academic knowledge and practical experience to succeed. I’m very happy to be continuing to study at the university.”