German football fans wreak havoc following Arsenal match

Children were left to walk to school through broken glass and the stench of urine in the “Armageddon” following Arsenal’s latest champions league match.

Thousands of drunk fans smashed bottles and relieved themselves in gardens before and after the Gunners game against German team Borrusia Dortmund last week.

Residents described people drinking from 7am and hordes of inebriated fans marauding up and down quiet streets.

Mel Massey, 38, who lives in Ambler Road, Finsbury Park, said the next day: “My road is like Armageddon this morning and I am livid – my children had to walk over broken bottles this morning and the front garden smells like urine.

“I have lived here for years and this has never been problem before, but last night there were thousands of people walking down my road chanting and drinking – it was out of control – and now the road smells like a pub toilet.

“My two children were watching grown men urinating in the street and asking me why, they don’t need to see that. And it still hasn’t been cleaned up.”

Tyler Maillison, 36, who lives on the same street, said: “It didn’t look like the police had control of the situation as people were trespassing into gardens. There was rubbish all over the place – the whole street still looks trashy.

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"Two days later they still hadn’t cleared it up properly. Who is taking responsibility?”

Cllr Richard Greening, who represents Highbury West, said: “The council wrote to local residents advising them that there were different policing arrangements and a new access route for away fans for this capacity match.”

“However, we received a number of complaints about the behaviour of drunken Dortmund fans, the management of this situation by the authorities and problems with the clean up following the match which did not take place promptly.

Three Borrusia Dormund fans were arrested before during the game – two for public order offences and the other for invading the pitch.

Arsenal said approximately 6,000 away fans attended the game, and the high number meant fan coaches were parked in more locations than usual.

A spokeswoman for Arsenal said: “We will be discussing all of the issues raised by local residents including crowd control, safety, the routes used by travelling fans and rubbish collection directly with the council and the police to address these concerns going forward and to ensure that the inconvenience caused to residents on match days is as limited as possible.”