Glee star Matthew Morrison pays Highbury school a visit

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Glee star Matthew Morrison dropped into a Highbury school for a music masterclass this week.

The actor and singer, who stars as Mr Schue in the hit American high school TV series, performed for students at Highbury Grove School in Highbury Grove, as well as dishing out words of wisdom on the music industry.

It followed a recent visit to the school by Andrew Lloyd Webber who launched a nationwide music programme based on Highbury Grove’s own initiative, whereby each child has the chance to play an instrument.

Mr Morrison told pupils: “There is a lot of luck involved, but I did work really hard at school – I was always the first one in dance class, first one in vocal class and the first in acting class.

“I was you, I was where you are now. In fact, I was inspired by someone who visited my school – a Broadway performer – and she was talking about her journey, and one of the things that stuck out to me was when she also said ‘I was you’.

“We all start out at a certain age and level, and if you work really hard, you can achieve anything you want.”