Holloway man says group of City and Islington College students are putting his family’s safety in jeopardy

City and Islington College in Holloway Road.

City and Islington College in Holloway Road. - Credit: Archant

A Holloway man believes the actions of a crop of City and Islington College students are putting his family’s safety in jeopardy.

Grant Turner has been in contact with the college for the last three weeks with a variety of complaints, including allegations of students regularly sitting on cars parked on Warlters Road – a short walk from the school.

According to Grant pupils have also damaged his car – parked on the same road – by chipping the paintwork with their bags and even deliberately making a foot-sized dent in the passenger door.

Grant, who wants to resolve the situation amicably with the college before speaking to the police, says most of his attempts to reason with students have resulted in them acting in an intimidating manner towards him and his neighbours.

Communication with the college hasn’t been much easier for Grant, who described it as “like getting blood out of a stone”. “This is criminal damage,” he said, “and I lay the blame firmly with the college. Obviously harsh enough penalties have not been imposed previously and the fact it has been going on for some time proves this point.

“I have been very understanding that they will need some time out of study to unwind but there are limits.”

Grant believes the school needs to work with Islington Council to find an alternative area for students to gather.

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“Something as simple as installing park benches down the side of the college would give the students somewhere to relax and converse out of lessons.

“Removing the small brick wall and replacing it with rails would mean students wouldn’t sit there.

“This could be funded through the college or I’m sure there are brands that would like to advertise to this demographic of student that could invest.

“I thought up this suggestion in five minutes so it shows you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to solve the issue.

“Obviously not enough is being done – all I have received as an excuse is the school saying it gave a talk to students at the beginning of term about respecting people.”

Over the course of this month Grant has been videoing and photographing students which he has sent to the college in an evidence folder, with the hope of setting up a meeting with members of staff.

The college, which has arranged a meeting with Grant to discuss his grievances, confirmed that it was investigating the matter, but did not provide a comment to the Gazette before going to press.