Hornsey Rise playground reopens after huge fire

Swinging siblings Connie and Eva Barraclough (back and left) and Harry and Maddy Hayes (front and right) enjoy a hair-raising ride at an adventure playground which was burnt to the ground by arsonists.

Fire ripped though Timbuktu, in Grenville Road, Hornsey Rise, a year ago, causing �70,000 worth of damage and leaving nothing but charred wood and old nails where the old structures once stood.

After months of hard work and even a TV appeal for cash, the rebuilt playground was officially opened on Sunday with daring new equipment specifically chosen by the children.

Darren Mclaughlin, deputy play leader at Timbuktu, said: “The fire destroyed everything except the hut, but the new playground is even better because it’s exactly how the kids wanted it.

“We held workshops and showed them photographs of different play equipment - and they said they wanted a large slide as the main feature, treehouses and natural elements such as sand and water.

“There are lots of heights and lots of other challenging stuff and they love the risk. Its about getting them off the computers and building their confidence through play.”

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