Hounds gets the dogs dinner at Islington Boozer

A host of happy hounds were treated to a dogs’ dinner at an Islington boozer.

Last week The Mucky Pup, on Queen’s Head Street, became a fine-dining and cocktail bar for four-legged friends, with specialist chefs, mixologists, jazz and a fashion show.

The event was to celebrate the release of the new Family Guy box set, which features a dog named Brian – known to enjoy the finer things in life.

A survey commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to coincide with the release reveals a trend in owners treating their pups more and more like humans.

The results show one in four dress their dog in human clothes, a third let them sleep in their beds and 13 per cent let them sit at the dinner table to eat.

Debbie Connolly, a dog behaviour expert, said: “There are owners who devote their whole lives to their pets and exclude intimate human relationships, getting companionship and comfort from animals they are afraid to get from other humans.

“Some dress their pets up, claiming that they even have favourite outfits. This is impossible – the dog simply reacts to the excitement and attention the owner is giving them.”