Islington baby covered in glass as kids throws rock through car window

�A 10-month-old baby was covered with broken glass after a young thug threw a rock through the window of the taxi he was in.

Joseph Richards was in a cab with his father Ben in Balls Pond Road, Canonbury, on Saturday morning when a youth hurled the boulder that smashed the rear window.

Three boys, who were aged between 10 and 13, ran off into the nearby Marquis Estate leaving Mr Richards, 42, in fear for the safety of his child.

He said: “I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do. We were on the way to Paddington station when these lads threw a rock at us. The window just popped and there was glass everywhere.

“There were big chunks all over Joseph and in his hair, but luckily he only had one very minor cut, nothing to worry about.


“He was shaken up by the noise and he can tell when I am stressed, but he wasn’t too bad. We turned the cab around and went straight home so I could put him in the shower. We missed our train, but I am just so glad my son wasn’t seriously injured.”

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Mr Richards, from Clapton, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I used to be naughty when I was a kid, but I would draw the line at that. It was quarter to nine in the morning, did they get up early just to cause trouble? And what if it had hit the driver and he had swerved off the road?

“The driver came to the house later to see if we were OK, which was really nice.

“But he said it cost him �95 to get his window replaced, so he is out of pocket.”

Police said they were unable to take further action as Mr Richards can’t identify the suspects.