Islington butchers to close in face of sub-station development

�A butcher’s shop that has served the community for more than 100 years, and through two World Wars, may be forced to close following a meeting on Tuesday.

E Wood butchers, in Liverpool Road, Islington, opened in 1909 and has passed from grandfather to father to son.

But owner Maurice Wood, 69, says he will shut up shop after the council gave permission for a sub-station next door, despite complaints from hundreds of residents.

Although legal in the UK, rules are much tighter in America due to fears they increase the risk of cancer.

Mr Wood said: “I am so angry and upset with the decision. I will be closing in the New Year, now. I can’t carry on because I don’t want to endanger my customers.

“I wouldn’t let my grandchildren visit me any more either, it’s not fair on them.

“We have been here for 100 years. The Kaiser couldn’t close us during WWI, Hitler couldn’t close us in WWII, but now Islington Council have closed us.

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“I have had so much grief with this. It’s my life and I have been here a long time.”

Around 300 people signed a petition against the sub-station, which is to power a new block of houses on an adjacent site. A further 70 sent in letters of objections.

One resident said: “Does the council really hope to deprive him of his living and ride roughshod over the wishes of local residents?”

Mr Morris said: “It was really unfair at the meeting – a lot of people had put their name in to speak but the council wouldn’t let them.”

The neighbouring housing development has been controversial since the beginning, with the council blocking it in 2005, before the planning inspectorate over-ruled them on appeal.

A council spokesman said all evidence and comments had been listened to and that the development complies with all relevant safety guidelines.