Islington children first to tackle gas safety programme

Youngsters in Islington learn about the dangers of gas

Youngsters in Islington learn about the dangers of gas - Credit: Archant

Children at two Islington primary schools have become the first to take part in a new gas safety education programme.

Pupils at Winton Primary School in Killick Street, Kings Cross and Rotherfield Primary School in Rotherfield Street worked with Gas Safe Register and the Gas Safe Charity to learn about dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions.

The lessons were the launch of a nationwide campaign in schools which includes a theatre roadshow about where gas comes from and explaining how it can be used safely to cook food and heat homes.

As well as being the first to see the production the children were also given access to an online interactive virtual house and watched videos, before being given homework activities and a parent’s booklet with input from teachers to ensure messages are sent home.

Gordon Lishman, chair of Gas Safe Charity, which is funding the educational programme, said: “We are excited to be working with Gas Safe Register to communicate life-saving messages to children through their teachers.

“The teachers themselves also welcome it, with around eight in 10 primary school teachers saying they recognise the importance of rolling out a gas safe education programme and wanting to have the resources to teach it with confidence.

“At present, just one in 10 teachers are educating pupils about gas safety. Hopefully, through this new programme and the supporting resources we have created, we can increase the number of teachers covering gas safety in the classroom.”