Islington kids see BBC presenter lowered into sewer at science event

Children learn about the wonder of science

Children learn about the wonder of science - Credit: Archant

Kids saw liquid nitrogen ice cream being made and a TV presenter enter a Mexican sewer at a science learning event.

Pupils from Gillespie Primary School, in Gillespie Road, Highbury, also saw blocks of ice ‘heal’ themselves at Lab 13, a learning programme dedicated to showing children the wonders of science.

The event on March 12 saw BBC Science presenter Dallas Campbell and students from University College London show of their best laboratory skills.

Amelia French, who helped organise the event, said: “The children were really excited by the science and absolutely loved it.

Dallas Campbell showed his new film where he is lowered into a sewer in Mexico and comes up holding a horses skull and they were amazed by it.

“They were totally entranced, both sexes. They were like a cat who had caught a mouse - they couldn’t get enough”

Lab 13 are keen to get involved with other Islington primary schools and get support from local businesses.