Islington school staff set for walk out

More than 50 Islington Schools are set to close today (Wednesday) as part of the nationwide strike action by teachers.

A further seven expect to part close, leaving just four fully open.

Ken Muller, from Islington National Union of Teachers, said: “Our members are determined to defend the pensions they always expected to get.

“Many teachers have been paying for years to get a decent pensions, now they are expected to work longer and pay more for less, which we believe is a breach of trust.

“This is all to pay for a government deficit caused by bankers, and they lies are told about gold-plated public sector pensions being paid at the cost of the private sector, the more we will fight.”

Cllr Catherine West, Leader of Islington Council said: “Everyone deserves a decent retirement and we fully support local government workers defending their pension scheme.

“The government’s proposed changes place an extra tax on workers already hit by pay freezes and the rising cost of living – potentially forcing thousands of people on low incomes to drop out of the scheme altogether.

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“We’re disappointed that the government hasn’t reconsidered these proposals. This attack on public services, jobs and pensions means our work to make Islington a fairer place remains our number one priority.”

The following schools are expected to be open in some capacity:

- North Islington Nursery, Tollington Park: Shortened day, and priority places for children of working parents

- Clerkenwell Parochial Primary School, Amwell Street: Reception and Year 1 classes closed, open to all other pupils

- Hargrave Park Primary School, Bredgar Road; children’s centre facilities open, school closed to all pupils from nursery to Year 6

- Newington Green Primary School, Newington Green Road; year 6 pupils only

- St Andrews Primary School, Matilda Street; fully open

- St Jude’s and St Paul’s Primary School, Kingsbury Road; fully open

- Samuel Rhodes Special School, Richmond Avenue; primary department open

- Mount Carmel Secondary School, Holland Walk; open for year 11 mock exams, and for students to assemble for a pre-arranged off-site visit

- St Aloysius Secondary School, Hornsey Lane; no lessons, but school open to pupils if parents/carers have childcare difficulties

- New North Academy, Popham Road; fully open