Islington school turns to crowdfunding website for playground cash

A primary school trying to raise enough money for a playground has launched an innovative online campaign in a bid to reach out to the community for help.

Hanover Primary School in Noel Road, Islington, has turned to a “crowdfunding” website to secure the extra cash it needs for a site next to the Regent’s Canal.

The school has �49,000 from grants and its budget, but is still �14,000 short of the �63,000 target needed.

Deputy head Jack Sloan said the school has recently been refurbished, but there is only roof space and a narrow strip along the canal for pupils to play on.

“We currently have a lot of children in a small concrete space with very little to do,” he added.

The playground will have climbing towers and a fitness course with tightropes and swinging rings.

Plans also include a “green island” with trees and wildflowers.

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Parent governor Tobias Goevert, 39, of Shepherdess Walk, who has helped work on the project for more than a year, said: “At present there is nothing there for the kids to do, they just run around and make up games. In a way, it is a pilot to see whether we can reach out further into the community.”

Hanover is raising the remaining funds via the Help Hanover play page on, a crowdfunding website that allows anyone to contribute towards the cost of making community projects happen and monitor their progress.

Harriet Shone, of Spacehive, said: “At the moment public money is extremely limited. Crowdfunding is quite a successful model, and we believe Hanover is driving a really vibrant campaign that is bringing the community together.”

The school holds a fundraising breakfast at Austrian restaurant Kipferl in Camden Passage between 8am and 10am on December 11.

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