Refurbished Exmouth Market pub will stay open until midnight

An old-fashioned Finsbury pub is set for a new lease of life – and a new floor – after its licence was extended despite objections from some residents.

The Exmouth Arms, in Exmouth Market, was purchased by the Barworks group in August, which has since been working to restore the premises.

Part of the refurbishment involved fixing the first floor, and although the premises had a licence for downstairs, a new one was required to sell alcohol upstairs.

Town Hall granted the licence allowing the sale of alcohol until midnight Monday to Sunday, even though people in the area had written to the council to object.

One said: “I object to the licence being extended into the small hours of the morning seven days a week, as well as to the doubling of the floor space.”

Another said: “The late night hours of premises in Exmouth Market impact residents with frequent drunken fighting, shouting, urination, litter and street drug-dealing permeating the square.”


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A third said: “What Exmouth Market is not is a destination for night life – it is not Soho.”

Another said: “My prime concern is for the deterioration of public safety in the market following the occasional violent episode at the Exmouth Arms in recent years, some requiring police and ambulance.”

But Marc Francis-Baum, owner of the company, whose other premises include the Wenlock and Essex in Essex Road, Islington, said: “We always make sure we run very nice, grown up places that local residents are grateful to have around.

“The pub will be totally different from how it was in the past. They used to have christening parties that would end up in stabbings.

“Most of the neighbours and shopkeepers are pleased we are coming, but there are always some who will complain. There are rumours that we are going to be a nightclub – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We are spending a lot of money restoring all the original features, there will be beers from all over the world. We will be a good addition to Exmouth market.”