Schoolchildren in Holloway get a feel for life on a farm

Pakeman Primary School took part in a farmers day with a group of farmers visiting the school organi

Pakeman Primary School took part in a farmers day with a group of farmers visiting the school organised by NFU Cymru. Multazim Ahmed, eight, Archie Quinlan, eight, Jaiden Ampah, eight holding chicks - Credit: Archant

Pupils in Holloway got a taste of authentic farm life this week when Welsh farmers paid a special visit to a primary school, bringing a tractor, live chicks and hens.

Sixteen farmers descended on Pakeman Primary School in Hornsey Road to educate children about their livelihoods with a range of fun hands-on activities.

Led by Cardiff dairy farmer Abi Reader, the farmers devised their own lesson plan that focused on six core topics: dairy, chicken, lamb, cereals, fruit and vegetables.

The children were given practical lessons in making their own butter, planting seeds, spinning lambs’ wool, grinding grains and making flour to cook pancakes.

They also learned about what the farmers do every day, while the younger children took turns to sit in the tractor, dressed up in farmers’ clothes and built their own scarecrows.

During the day the pupils also milked model cows and got the chance to hold chicks and hens in the classroom.

Deputy head teacher Emma Bonnin, who organised the day, said: “The children loved the farming day and learnt so much about where their food comes from.

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“They particularly enjoyed sitting in the red tractor, which was parked in the playground.”

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