Science comes alive in Islington classroom

Volcanoes erupted and paper planes flew across the hall at a primary school.

Pupils at Copenhagen Primary School, in Treaty Street, Islington, including bubble-blowing Levi Moran 10, (left) did experiments as part of National Science and Engineering Week.

Bubbles as big as their heads were blown by some children using string and straws.

And they mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and food colouring to make colourful mini volcanoes.

Nursery nurse Jackie Bright, who helped organise the week, said: “It was all really interesting to see. Some things even surprised me.

“The children were able to investigate different science activities and understand how things work and have real hands-on experience.

“The whole school was involved and it was so lovely to show how we have little engineers and scientists here.”

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“The children enjoyed it immensely, they were really engaged and had a real ball of a time.”

Early years classes dressed up in white coats and glasses for the day and made boats from folded paper which they sailed by blowing through straws.

Other activities for Science Week, which ran last week, included making kites and percussion instruments from dried pulses, investigating worms in the school garden and planting seeds.