Smell at students’ halls in Holloway causes stink down road

�A foul smell from a building is causing a stink for �residents on a busy main road.

Members of the public have raised concerns about the stench around Wedgewood Court, which is a student accommodation block on Holloway Road.

One student says the smell has been untreated for a year.

The pong, believed to come from sewer works underneath, is being investigated by Thames Water and Unite which own the halls of residence.


Anna Dumpe, 21, who regularly visits friends in Holloway Road, said: “It is awful. I always walk really fast past the building to avoid it.”

Nick Ward, 27, who lives in nearby Eden Grove, said: “It is disgusting. I normally walk on the other side of the road because of the smell.”

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Rosaline Ogun, 75, who lives in Caledonian Road, said: “This smells like sewage. It is a terrible stench. I hope that something gets done.”

Wedgewood Court, situated bet-ween Holloway Road Station and the mini Sainsbury’s, has 322 beds for students many of whom study at the nearby London Metropolitan University campus.

One student who lives there, Aaanchal Bharti, 24, said: “It �really is horrible. It has been like this for the entire year that I have lived here.

“A lot of the time I am embarrassed to bring my friends round because of the stench.”

One Pollard Close resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “Every time I get off the bus I dread walking past.”

A spokesman for Unite said: “We are aware of the intermittent smell of sewage outside Wedgewood Court and are working with Thames Water and the company that installed the �sewage tank to identify and fix the problem.

“The smell is only detectable outside the building and we �regret any discomfort caused to passers-by while we establish the cause.”

A spokesman for Thames �Water said: “We sent an engineer to the scene on Monday to help establish the cause of this unpleasant whiff.

“Once we know what it is, we will advise on how best to sort out the problem.”