Why are we dying young in Islington?

Health chiefs have tried to identify the long term problem of Islington residents dying young in a new report.

For the last three years Islington men have had the lowest life-expectancy in London, with the average age for women currently the fourth lowest.

In addition, as the Gazette reported in July, the borough has the highest rate of deaths from heart disease in London at 114 per 100,000 – far above the national average of 78.

The paper, Islington’s 2011 Annual Public Health Report, cites unhealthy lifestyles, missed check-ups and poverty as major factors to the high number of early deaths.

It states that more must be done to reduce smoking and obesity in residents.

Using anonymous GP records, it also shows 28,000 adults under 75 suffer from long term health conditions in Islington – around one in six people – with many more potentially undiagnosed.

The most common ailments in the area are high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic depression.