Eight per cent of Islington deaths caused by smog

Heavy traffic contributes to air pollution.

Heavy traffic contributes to air pollution. - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Air pollution has killed 84 people in the borough in four years, according to Public Health England.

Figures released by the agency show that almost eight per cent of deaths in the borough since 2010 have been caused by long-term exposure to pollution, above the London average of 7.2pc.

Smog levels measured outside Islington schools have been measured at double the European Union limit and the borough falls behind only Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Tower Hamlets in percentage of death caused by air pollution.

Critics have called on the town hall and the Mayor of London to proiritise the issue.

Tracy Ismail, environmental spokesman for Islington Lib Dems, said: “Air pollution has been in the news a lot recently, so it is truly shocking that 84 Islington residents have died as a result of it since 2010.

“If 84 people had been killed on our roads since 2010, there would be uproar.

“Thousands of residents with breathing problems are suffering day in, day out.”

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A spokesman for Camden & Islington public health said: “The local councils are already doing much to tackle the problem at source - including greening our fleet, improving walking and cycling initiatives and work to further explore sources of PM2.5 (particles).

“Most of the vehicles passing through the two boroughs neither begin or end their journeys here - so we can’t act alone. Instead we are calling on all the key players to do their share on reducing air pollution.”