Eight year old girl from Highbury becomes published author

An eight-year-old girl has become a published author with the help of an artistic octogenarian.

Young wordsmith Victoria Agomo penned children’s story Silly Sarah over the summer holidays when she was just seven.

Her parents were so impressed when they saw her work that they decided to look for a publisher.

And when it came to illustrating the story, Victoria teamed up with an 87-year-old patient of her GP mother.

Dr Nonye Agomo said: “We’ve just received the first copy of the book and it’s wonderful – so colourful and professional looking.

“When it arrived, she opened it and screamed: ‘I’m an author!’ She wouldn’t let anyone touch it. We’re so proud of her.”

The book, which took a month to write, can now be found on the virtual shelves of major online booksellers such as Amazon and Foyles.

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It tells the story of seven-year-old Sarah Silly, who often gets into trouble for making mistakes and mischief.

Victoria illustrated nine of the pages herself, while Mrs Anna Platman, who lives in a care home in Hampstead where Dr Agomo works, contributed six artworks, including the cover image.

Dr Agomo, 40, said: “It’s a collaboration between young and old. I always say young and old need to appreciate each other, so it’s great they worked together on this.”

Victoria, who was born in Highbury, started writing stories as a pupil at St Mary Magdalene Academy, in Liverpool Road, Holloway.

About a year ago she moved to Elstree and left the school, but she recently returned to show the book to her former teachers and classmates.

Dr Agomo added: “Her old teacher was saying how Victoria was writing from Year 1 and they were all very pleased. We’re going to go back again to present them with a signed edition.”