Emery addresses Arsenal future as pressure continues to mount ahead of Frankfurt Europe League clash

Arsenal manager Unai Emery (left) shakes hands with Alexandre Lacazette during the training session

Arsenal manager Unai Emery (left) shakes hands with Alexandre Lacazette during the training session at London Colney. Picture: John Walton/PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

Arsenal boss Unai Emery has given an update on his future ahead of Thursday’s Europa League clash with Eintracht Frankfurt, with the Spaniard at serious risk of losing his job after a poor run of form. Read on to see what he had to say.

Arsenal manager Unai Emery during the training session at London Colney. Picture: John Walton/PA

Arsenal manager Unai Emery during the training session at London Colney. Picture: John Walton/PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

On the importance of tomorrow's game for confidence...

"Good afternoon. We have two objectives tomorrow. One is in the Europa League and we are doing a very good job in this competition but tomorrow we need to make sure of first position in the table and our second objective is to win and take confidence, as well as content with our supporters, as well as our capacity and our quality."

On speculation about Emery's future...

"My future is today and tomorrow."

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On reassurances about his job...

"My job is to prepare for the match tomorrow and only look at the match tomorrow, to show the best performance for the team. We are playing at home with our supporters so we want to transmit our energy, our gameplan and everything we work on here at the training ground. Those are my only thoughts."

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On how difficult it is to focus on the games with all the speculation...

"We know that the last match we were disappointed and the supporters were also and now we are only speaking here to prepare for the match and to show and to come back with a good performance like we were doing before. And then, my only focus is to show tomorrow a good performance and connect with our supporters. We know our supporters are disappointed but tomorrow we have the chance to come back with our supporters in the Emirates and show them that reaction. I know some teams come here and are fearless against us and we need to be strong for our supporters but first we need to reconnect with them, but really, my wish is tomorrow that the supporters and every supporter helps the team because we need them."

On whether the players believe in his tactics...

"Yes, of course, they've showed that."

On whether this is the most difficult time he's had as a coach...

"As a coach, each moment in my career is difficult. It's a very good job, but it's very hard. When you are winning, you feel the support from everybody, but when you're not winning like in the last matches, you have some doubters. Really, I believe in us, the players, the group. I know I am going to work very hard to come back with this performance and take the confidence we need now. Each match is a very good opportunity The good and bad moments come and go, but the most important thing for me is to show my work and our capacity. Each match is a good opportunity to do that. Most importantly it's to connect with the supporters. They need to back and help the players tomorrow in each moment. Our confidence depends on how we can feel in our stadium with our supporters. The teams are coming here and playing fearless against us. This is the first thing we need to change. We need to change it and we need to be strong and we need to be together. I know we need to show our supporters our capacity and our skills. I know we're not really showing that skill and performance 100 per cent with the players, but tomorrow we have a very good opportunity and we are going to try to change that. We were speaking about how we can improve and how we can change that and the first way of changing that is by being more compact. Then being confident we can show our skills, our quality. In the last matches, we've had tactical issues and we need to do better."

On if he feels that he is isolated at the moment...

"But in my career I had successful moments and also in those successful moments, with a small moment, not being well like being consistent every time. In those moments I need to be focused for my work and focused with the players. I know some doubt is coming about the results but my objective is to change that and come back with the performance and connect with the supporters. The players need to connect with the supporters and the supporters need to help the players. Then for me, it's about supporting them. The players are working every day with very big commitment and very big behaviour. Some players aren't feeling confident 100 per cent and this is the first target we need, to feel confident and take our performance through the teams. At Emirates we need to be strong and feel strong with our supporters, and if we feel that, we are going to take our confidence and our performances will be better."

On Granit Xhaka...

"He's in the group and has the possibility to play tomorrow. I hope every supporter supports the team. Xhaka's comeback is going to be important to us."

On if we've lost the connection with the supporters…

"They are angry and they are now disappointed, but we are as well. Tomorrow we have a very big opportunity to change that and this is my wish. This is also my idea and to create a big atmosphere in Emirates with our supporters. Each match here in the Emirates with our supporters is very important. We need their support. They need it more than me because they're on the pitch and they need to feel them backing them over 90 minutes."

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