Emery confident he can turn Arsenal’s season around as pressure mounts after Leicester defeat

Arsenal manager Unai Emery. Picture: Nigel French/PA

Arsenal manager Unai Emery. Picture: Nigel French/PA - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The pressure on Arsenal boss Unai Emery continues to mount after Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Leicester City, but he is confident he can turn things around despite the threat of the sack looming.

Emery has overseen the Gunners' worst start to a season since 1982/83, and his win percentage of 33 per cent this campaign is the worst since George Graham's 29 per cent in 1994/95.

Despite fans calling for him to be sacked, Emery is confident he can turn things around.

"For me, as a coach, it's about continuing stronger and improving with our players," he said.

"I am speaking with the club to stay calm and to stay patient to improve and recover some confidence with some circumstances.

"We have young players who are improving and growing up with us.

"We are receiving criticism but I know that's my job.

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"I've had lots of moments like that but I've recovered by working to get confidence, being together with the club and players.

"We've had some negative circumstances at the beginning of the season.

"The last month or so, I think the team have had those negative circumstances and it's not given us that emotional balance.

"The players, the club and me are speaking and we know we need some passion and we need to recover our confidence.

"I spoke with the players and the club in that moment and we need to be patient with some young players, with some circumstances, and we have time and the matches to recover that.

"I am sure we are going to do that."

Emery was keen to call for calm despite the anger and frustration from fans over recent performances that have seen Arsenal winless in the Premier League since October 10.

"I accept the applause and I accept it when they criticise us," he said.

"I know when we win, they are going to be happy and when we lose, they are going to be sad. It's normal.

"We need to stay calm and also to keep improving things.

"Today we got one step ahead by being together and being strong defensively.

"But we lost because we were playing a very strong team in a good moment."