Coronavirus: Emily Thornberry’s son has bicycle stolen while out delivering food parcels to vulnerable pensioners during lockdown

A stock image of Emily Thornberry riding her own bike, which has not been stolen. Picture: Linda Gro

A stock image of Emily Thornberry riding her own bike, which has not been stolen. Picture: Linda Grove - Credit: Archant

Emily Thornberry’s son’s bike has been stolen while he was out delivering food parcels to vulnerable people in Islington.

The Islington South & Finsbury MP’s son, 20, had his bicycle stolen from outside St Luke’s Community Centre in Central Street at about 12 noon today.

It’s a dark grey Giant bicycle with a rear pannier rake, two front gears and six or seven gears on the back. He’d only got it recently.

It has been reported stolen to police and there is CCTV of the incident.

A “furious” Ms Thornberry is now appealing for the bike to be returned.

She told the Gazette: “The truth is that St Luke’s does fantastic work and it’s work is always augmented, it’s like 50 times bigger because of the volunteers who work out of there. “And at the moment the work St Luke’s is doing feeding vulnerable families is amazing, and my family is proud to help in whatever way we can.”

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She added: “Somebody who’s just thinking of themselves and not of anyone else just think that somehow or other this is a good thing to do, to steal a bike from outside a community centre.

“I just think people should think about the connections between people and not just think of themselves at the moment, or ever, but now in particular.”

But Ms Thornberry says the Covid-19 crisis is also bringing out the best in people, as evidenced by an “expert chef” at St Luke’s giving her son some “wonderful pastries” to cheer him up after the incident.

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She added: “Whoever it was that stole that bike does not represent Islington, they represent a minority of selfish people. In my experience the vast majority of people in Islington are really keen on supporting the community and working together, and you just need a few selfish people who can wreak havoc.”

St Luke’s which usually provides subsidised meals and activities for older people is closed to the general public during the pandemic – and the government has told over 70s to stay at home because they’re especially vulnerable to the virus.

But it’s still delivering three-course lunches to pensioners isolating at home during the lockdown.

It’s crowdfunding to cover the costs of these food parcels, you can support it here.

Click here for a directory of agencies helping people during the pandemic.

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