Emirates Stadium neighbours caught selling parking spaces for profit on Arsenal matchdays

Parking is an issue outside Emirates Stadium on Arsenal matchdays. Picture: Daniel Hambury/EMPICS SP

Parking is an issue outside Emirates Stadium on Arsenal matchdays. Picture: Daniel Hambury/EMPICS SPORT - Credit: EMPICS Sport

Islington Council has taken action against two people in Finsbury Park who sold parking visitor vouchers for profit on Arsenal matchdays – and warned similar measures will be taken against others who abuse the system.

Visitor vouchers are available for Islington tenants and homeowners who need a parking space for friends or family. But an opportunistic minority “misused” the system by buying vouchers to sell to Gooners travelling by car on matchdays.

A council investigation revealed two culprits in Ambler Road. Their punishment is a ban on buying visitor vouchers.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington’s environment and transport leader, said: “Visitor vouchers are there to help residents who occasionally need a parking space near their home, for example for friends, family or a tradesman’s van. The vast majority of local residents use them in this way.

“However a small number of people have been buying large numbers of vouchers and selling them on for profit. This has been a particular issue around Emirates Stadium.

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“This is entirely against the spirit of visitor vouchers and also against the council’s goal of promoting walking, cycling and public transport. We have now stopped selling vouchers to two people who were selling on visitor vouchers for profit, and will take similar action against others who do the same.”

The council has appealed for people with information on anyone selling vouchers for profit to email contact parkingfraud@islington.gov.uk

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