Battledean Road electric car charger to be moved after council discovers it doesn’t leave pedestrians enough space

PUBLISHED: 17:02 20 August 2018 | UPDATED: 17:02 20 August 2018

Cllr Caroline Russell and Jane with the offending charger in Battledean Road. Picture: Meera Pattni

Cllr Caroline Russell and Jane with the offending charger in Battledean Road. Picture: Meera Pattni


Some “incredibly insensitive” electric car charging points will be removed from a Highbury street because they take up too much pavement space.

Source London installed the equipment in Battledean Road last month but neighbours complained they were noisy and dominated patches of pavement.

Islington’s one-woman opposition, Cllr Caroline Russell (Green, Highbury East), has campaigned for the chargers to be removed.

“They have taken on board that the Battledean Road location is too tight for pedestrians to get past,” she told the Gazette. “But I’m concerned they will just be moved to another location.

“The council is making a mistake and we are seeing pedestrian space taken over for the purpose fuelling vehicles, which is a really bad thing. It was incredibly insensitive to install them in the first place.”

Cllr Russell added: “We do need to provide electric charging stations but it cannot be at the expense of space for pedestrians.”

Last month the Gazette ran a story highlighting the case of Jane Howell, a blind woman who lives in Battledean Road, who said the boxes “could be dangerous” for her to navigate around.

The council plans to deliver 100 charging points over the next year and install 400 devices by 2022.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington transport and environment chief, said: “London is on the brink of an air-quality emergency, with traffic pollutants linked to health problems that are shortening the lifespans of residents.

“Islington is committed to making charging easier and more practical for residents as well as enabling more sustainable electric taxis, private hire vehicles and commercial vehicles to recharge during the working day.”

She added an audit of charging points across the borough had already been under way prior to Cllr Russell’s involvement. The charger in question is being removed because it did not provide 1.2m of footway clearance, the council’s existing minimum requirement.

But, a spokesperson added, Islington will continue to install electric chargers across the borough because they help combat London’s high pollution levels.

Source London was launched by Boris Johnson, the then mayor of London, in 2011. It is owned by French transport giants, Bolloré.


  • For each location there is an appropriate charging point. The Source London charging post have their unique standard charging post. The noise is a new characteristic the green light can be resolved by emitting a less brighter green. Electric powered vehicles are here to stay other than LPG for a zero emission alternative. Not in my back yard is clear to me as Cycling and walking are for the few and it just shows how small minded individuals are. The infrastructure needs to be available for residents and visitors who at this point have no need but will soon. There are other providers other than Source London like Pod point, charge your car, Ubitricity as examples which have less offensive furniture. What we have here is the planning office not thinking and the suggestions being ignored of which I have experienced myself. As for Claudia Webbe she is not to blame her.

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    Frank Amat

    Tuesday, August 21, 2018

  • Another screw-up by Claudia Webbe. How much has she cost Islington tax-payers through her blunders? Thank heavens for Caroline Russell, Islington's only non-Labout councillor - she's the only one that seems to get anything positive done!

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    Steve Oliver

    Monday, August 20, 2018

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