EUROPA LEAGUE: Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka ‘ready’ for final against Chelsea

Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka says he and squad are ‘ready’ for Wednesday’s Europa League final against Chelsea in Baku. Read on to see what he had to say.

Xhaka on whether it's an advantage to arrive before Chelsea...

"We travelled on Saturday night, since Sunday we have been here in Baku. We feel very good. I don't know whether it is positive or negative to be here longer than Chelsea. We prepared very well to be ready for tomorrow."

Xhaka on Mkhitaryan...

"Of course we are disappointed he is not here. We spoke a lot about Micki and a lot of political things but it is time to speak about football. He is very important for us, on the pitch and off the pitch, and we want to give him a trophy tomorrow."

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Xhaka on Emery's record in the Europa League...

"He has a lot of experience in this competition. If one coach wins the Europa League three times, it means a lot. We want to give him the fourth one tomorrow night. He spoke a lot about his experience and what he had before, but these words stay between us."

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Xhaka on the importance of getting Champions League football...

"We are now two times in a row in the Europa League. A club like Arsenal has to be in the Champions League. It is an amazing and important game tomorrow. We want to give us, club and fans the Champions League back. If you watched the season maybe we deserved to be there in the top four. Tomorrow is a big game, it is a trophy and we can go back to the Champions League."

Xhaka on getting good away results in Europe...

"It was our problem in the season, if you take more points away from home maybe you can be in the top four. But we showed against Napoli and Valencia, good away games, if we play like this, play compact and play or each other, we can beat a lot of teams. Tomorrow is not about away or home, it is a final and we have to be ready. It is not an excuse that we play in Baku or someplace different. I think we will be ready for tomorrow."

Xhaka on not many Swiss players winning a European title...

"There are two in the Arsenal squad who are Swiss! Of course we are proud if we can win a trophy. I know not a lot of Swiss people have won this trophy and we have first to play the 90 minutes, and if we take the trophy we will be very happy."

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