Europe facing ‘hot war’ over Ukraine, Islington MP warns

Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn has warned against sending troops to Ukraine Pic: David Cheskin/PA

Islington MP Jeremy Corbyn has warned against sending troops to Ukraine Pic: David Cheskin/PA - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Jeremy Corbyn tells defence secretary ‘we are moving into conflict’

Jeremy Corbyn: "Danger of hot war"

Jeremy Corbyn: "Danger of hot war" - Credit: Paul Thoma

The “danger of a hot war“ Europe moved closer after the Government pledged to send troops to Ukraine, an Islington MP has warned.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North, made the comments in the House of Commons yesterday following a statement by defence secretary Michael Fallon.

Mr Fallon said Britain is considering more Ukrainian requests for help as it prepares to send up to 75 troops and military staff to answer “Kiev’s call”.

He added the UK teams will offer advice and training to government forces in Ukraine in an attempt to boost their resilience while also reducing fatalities and casualties.

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But Mr Corbyn asked if the Government had thought through its move.

He said: “Seventy-five trainers, will be followed by 150 trainers, will be followed by more and more, weapons are now being talked about, gifting of weapons is now being talked about.

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“We are moving into a situation where we are going to be in the conflict in the Ukraine.”

He added: “Why doesn’t the Government, instead of upping the military ante, put huge efforts into trying to demilitarise both Russian militarism and Nato expansionism in order to bring about a longer term and sustainable peace in that area.

“The danger of getting involved in a hot war in central Europe has got a bit closer because of his statement today.”

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