Europe’s top aerosol artists show graffiti’s ‘positive side’ in Holloway

Aerosol artists displayed their skills this weekend at a “graffiti jam” billed as the biggest in the world.

The International Meeting of Styles brought together dozens of Europe’s top spray can specialists – such as Shok-1, Probs, RT Crew and Ghetto Farceur – to paint murals outside The Studios in Hornsey Road, Holloway.

Organiser Matilda Tickner-Du, of outdoor art collective End of the Line, said: “We wanted to show the positive side of graffiti and give young people the chance to see some great artists go through the whole process from start to finish.

“It had a very peaceful community feel and the residents were all really positive and happy to see an event like that on their doorstep.”

There were workshops for youngsters and graffiti masters were joined by a group of “free runners”, who dazzled with their more acrobatic urban art form.

The free festival, which is in its fourth year, had been postponed in August due to the riots.