Exclusive ancient drinking club resurrected at Stroud Green pub

A PUB has revived one of north London’s most exclusive ancient drinking clubs 250 years after City gents first rode out to wench and feast under its roof.

The Stapleton Tavern pub in Crouch Hill, Stroud Green, learned of its history as mysterious drinking den for young bucks when regulars discovered the tiny Stroud Green Badge in the archives of the Victoria and Albert Museum last November.

While digging into the badge’s history, they discovered 18th century gents founded a drinking club called The Corporation of Stroud Green and minted an ornate enamel badge in honour of their country outings to the Stapleton Tavern - even electing a mayor of the bawdy club.

Continuing the tradition, the pub unveiled a giant photograph of the badge as it re-founded the drinking club and held mock elections for a modern day mayor and grand lord chancellor on Thursday, May 5.

Pub landlady Beth Fowler said: “Everyone was dressed up and we got really good vibes for the club which is going to meet up monthly and have two big feasts a year, one in summer and one in winter.

“The mayor had to do his vows and pledge his allegiance to the corporation, which was brilliant. It was amazing.”

More than 70 people signed up to the drinking club and the pub plans to host special ale nights and organise talks.

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But strict history buffs may be disappointed as the Stapleton Tavern confirmed wenching would not happen every month in the modern day club.

Officials elected to run the new Corporation of Stroud Green include mayor Daniel Warner and grand lord chancellor Tom Rogerson.