EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn promises Islington ‘will not be forgotten’

Mr Corbyn leaves his home in Finsbury Park on Sunday. Picture:
PA/Press Association Images

Mr Corbyn leaves his home in Finsbury Park on Sunday. Picture: PA/Press Association Images - Credit: PA WIRE

New Labour leader tells Gazette readers: I’m as committed as ever to my constituency of 32 years

New Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has guaranteed his constituents: “You will not be forgotten.”

In an exclusive interview with the Gazette – one of few he has given since his 59.5 per cent landslide election as leader on Saturday – Mr Corbyn reiterated his “proud” commitment to Islington North, the constituency he has served for 32 years.

While he admitted that some duties will inevitably have to be compromised, Mr Corbyn, 66, promised to strike a balance with his role as leader of the opposition.

On Sunday, his first full day as Labour’s leader, Mr Corbyn attended Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust’s annual fun day at St Pancras Gardens.

And speaking after he gave a rousing Trade Union Congress conference speech on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Corbyn said: “Yes, I’m going to carry on doing exactly that sort of thing, because I’m committed to Islington.

“I’m in touch with my constituency office all the time and I am running my advice sessions as normal.

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“Yes, there are going to be times when I am elsewhere, but I will ensure there’s a balance between Parliament, constituency and campaigning.

“Everyone can be assured: Islington North will not be forgotten about. I have served this constituency for 32 years and I’m very proud and honoured to be its MP.”

Left-leaning Mr Corbyn, who has been re-elected seven times since 1983, had spent his parliamentary career as a backbencher. Often seen as an outsider to mainstream politics, his summer campaign inspired voters across the country.

He said: “It’s an incredible feeling. It was the largest vote ever in a party political leadership contest (422,871 votes were cast), and I’m very proud to be elected for the party and constituency.”

The Finsbury Park resident is unhappy with national media intrusion he has experienced in recent weeks, but told a heartening tale about his neighbours: “There’s been a bit of an issue with the media, but I realise that comes with the job.

“On the other hand, I got home late last night (Monday), absolutely dog tired. Somebody had put an envelope through my door, and it was a hand-made card of congratulations from neighbours on my road.

“That was a really nice touch, and I will be apologising to them for all the intrusion there has been over the past few days.”