Fairness meeting was a disaster

I went along to Islington Council’s fairness commission meeting the other night and thought it was a disaster from all perspectives.

We had the “haves” – ie the commissioners who are well off – and we had the “have nots”, the people who went to complain, who are far far from well off and there were plenty.

There was some interesting information which made me cringe when it comes to wasting public cash – for example, we were told that there were 120 organisations in Islington helping people.

It means that a huge percentage of the capital is absorbed by the need to manage these organisations and this impacts the provision of services.

We were informed that deaf people had been given a bad deal and they didn’t feel they were being seen or heard.

This is an embarrassment to any political collective.

The most shocking thing was when one disabled rep stated that they were becoming isolated.

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Well, the sad facts are that the cash is not there, so I would like to offer the council a suggestion which would ease the alienation of the most vulnerable groups.

It is not that expensive, and I think could greatly enhance the calibre of existence of these folks.

Why not give them laptop computers where they could all communicate with a webcam via the internet – and that way they could monitor each other and have interaction, and have a sense of community. – M.G. McElligott, Amwell Street, EC1.