Family’s hell over after squatters evicted from Archway house

THE nightmare ordeal for an Archway family is over after squatters were finally evicted from their dream �1 million house.

Homeowners John and Rebecca Hamilton-Brown, both 36, have reclaimed the property in Gladsmuir Road with the help of bailiffs after gaining a possession order from Clerkenwell and Shoreditch County Court.

The couple, who have two children, purchased the house in December and were having it renovated when squatters reportedly broke in and vowed to stay “as long as possible”.

Mr Hamilton Brown said: “It is a huge relief to evict the squatters. But I feel sorry for the next property owner – most likely someone in this area - who has to deal with the same sort of hassle. And not to mention the cost, the frustration, the anger and upset and the lack of support in terms of getting a court to find in your favour.”

The couple launched a legal battle to remove the group which gained the attention of national media after the squatters received free representation in court.

The house invaders, who were French and in their early 20s, had written “God is squatting with us” on a wall in the five-bedroom pad.

They also drew a circular logo with a lighting bolt which represents the squatters’ movement.

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Mr Hamilton-Brown, who owns a business design company, said: “The house is full of garbage – a total mess. They had zero respect for the property. The squatters walked out of the house in full view of the neighbours. They were free to walk away and take their sorry situation to somebody else’s doorsteps with no consequences.”

The neighbouring street of Whitehall Park is home to celebrity residents Bill Paterson and Juliet Stephenson, while Patsy Kensit and Boyzone singer Stephen Gately used to live there.