Farewell to a favourite store

I love a good awards ceremony. The BAFTAs, the Oscars, Pet of the Year… there’s nothing I like more than a bit of glitz and glamour and watching celebrities cry really, really hard whilst making their speeches.

I have even been known to put on my taffeta ballgown to watch the National Television Awards, hosted by news-based luminary Sir Trevor McDonald. Maybe, one day, I’ll get to be Sir Trevor’s date on the night. A girl can dream.

News of another exciting award reached Islington last week with the story that an Islington businesswoman has reached the finals of a US prize recognising black bloggers.

Octavia Goredama – who actually should win the award for most interesting name of the year – is one of five plucky finalists to be shortlisted for Best Business Blog at the Black Weblog Awards. In other words, she’s been nominated for a niche shortlist in a super niche set of awards. There really is a prize for everything these days!

This is not to do Octavia disservice. Not at all, in fact. I think she’s done marvellously well to beat off more than 32,000 nominations and I hope she wins. More to the point, I hope that if Octavia does win, they fly her to the US for the awards ceremony and she gets to do some crying when she says her thank yous. Octavia – if you’re reading this, could you say hello to the Gazette in your speech please? Good luck, you clever businesswoman, you!

In other news, fears are mounting in Finsbury Park over the arrival of a new Sainsbury’s Local. That means Stroud Green Road will have a Sainsbury’s and a Tesco. Note – no Marks, no Waitrose. Is it not posh enough?

The proposed Sainsbury’s site used to be a deli called Woody’s, which was quite frankly a brilliant shop. It had an amazing selection of olives in barrels. Most importantly, the staff were super patient, which was lucky as every Friday and Saturday night at about 2am heralded the start of peak time for shoppers.

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Ah, how the team at Woody’s used to refrain from punching their drunken punters as they fell into the fridge whilst buying mixers and slurred their words whilst buying fags and lollipops. I’ll always have fond memories of that shop. I hope that the new Sainsbury’s will be just as welcoming to the wrong’uns of N4.