Fines can put a stop to selfish behaviour

YOUR front page article “�110 fines for not being green” (Gazette, November 25) stated “...residents who already have to contend with traffic wardens fining them for parking in the wrong place and undercover pooper snoopers penalising them for not cleaning up after their dogs....”

So am I to take it the Gazette’s editorial position is now for unrestricted parking on yellow lines, red routes, bus lanes and ambulance bays together with what can only be described as criminal incitement for dog owners to smear the streets in their foul beasts’ excreta.

People must have the threat of the chastisement of law, otherwise they will act like the selfish creatures they truly are. Swift be the wings and mighty be the sword of these traffic wardens and “pooper snoopers”, as they bring 2,000 years of English justice upon the heads of the guilty.

I would welcome some undercover surveillance in my street as it is awash with canine feculence. Yet, if I went round these “dog lovers” houses and emptied my bowels a-beam their gateposts, they would be the first to call the police.

As for your stand against “big brother”, I doubt we have to wait many months for “Islington dog mess shame”, or some such other ungrammatical tabloid style headline. Fickle the wind that changes. – David Hill, Marlborough Road, N19.