Police forensics called in over mysterious Finsbury poo thrower who forced King Square Estate playground to shut for three months

Police forensics were called in over the bizarre mystery. Picture: Paul Bennett

Police forensics were called in over the bizarre mystery. Picture: Paul Bennett - Credit: Archant

Disgusted parents on Finsbury’s King Square Estate have stopped letting their kids play on its children’s play area because someone in their block keeps hurling poo and glass onto it.

The problem got so bad the Met’s forensics team were called in to analyse bits of broken glass and “other objects” to try and ID the mystery culprit.

One woman, who wants to remain anonymous, lives in Rahere House with her five-year-old son. She told the Gazette the anti-social behaviour has been going on for the past year but said the kids playground has been closed off for three months.

Islington Council said there were plans to re-open it this week.

The horrified mother said: “People have been throwing bits of human s**t out of our block and no one knows where it’s coming from. The caretaker has been cleaning smashed glass and human waste on a daily basis.”

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She added: “The park has been closed for three months and my son has nowhere safe to play near our home.”

The woman says she pays full rent and doesn’t feel it’s fair her son has been denied access to services.

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She said: “This has just been horrible. It’s a joke and it feels as though a dirty person who can’t use a bin and a toilet has won.”

The woman, who has lived in Galway House for the past five years, says police searched flats in the estate in July last year.

She says cops were worried someone was trapped in a flat and throwing things to get attention.

The King Square community nursery site, which is adjacent to the playground, had been moved to nearby Ironmomger Row for unrelated renovation works.

But the mother claims human waste and glass were also thrown onto the nursery site.

An Islington Council spokesperson said: “This behaviour is dangerous and unacceptable, and we acted quickly after being made aware of the issue.

“Our anti-social behaviour team is continuing to work closely with police on identifying the person or people responsible. As part of a number of measures we installed a CCTV camera, and there have been no incidents since. We will keep a close eye on the situation.”

The spokesperson added the council’s anti-social behaviour team and the police had gone door-to-door in Rahere House to speak with tenants.

Police officers have conducted forensic tests on items thrown into the park to try and catch the culprits, to no avail.

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