Finsbury park cafe denied licence after brawl

A Finsbury Park caf� was �denied a drinks licence on Monday after reports of a mass brawl outside the premises.

Sham Caf�, in Seven Sisters Road, applied to Islington Council for permission to sell alcohol from 10am to 11pm.

But police expressed concerns about the venue after they were called to reports of a fight involving 20 to 30 men in December last year.

Then on January 27, council officers found alcohol apparently for sale on the premises.

One resident objected to the application, saying: “The residents in the area already suffer noise from loud music, people turning out the early hours of the morning, revellers in the street, drunk and disorderly �behaviour, problems with litter, vandalism and general disturbance in the area.”

They added: “We are not about to go out in the evening as we have been experiencing sexual harassment and verbal abuse from drunken people outside this premises. No woman is safe in the area.”