Finsbury Park concert plans show cross-borough agreement is not working, claims councillor

Ian Brown from the Stone Roses performs at Finsbury Park, London.

Ian Brown from the Stone Roses performs at Finsbury Park, London. - Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

Plans to treble the number of concerts in Finsbury Park are proof an agreement between Islington, Hackney and Haringey is not working, it has been claimed.

Haringey Council revealed earlier this month it was looking at plans to increase the number of event days in the park from five days to 18.

The council has said the number of events would be limited to six – but crucially they would be able to run for three days each.

The Gazette revealed in August how crime in the area rose eight-fold following a concert in the park.

Cllr John Gilbert, of Highbury east ward, said: “It will be very unpopular with Highbury residents given what happened during the Stone Roses concerts.”

The Finsbury Park Accord was signed by Islington, Haringey and Hackney last year with the intention of boosting investment in the area.

Despite the pledge to work closer together, it has been claimed that the councils are not communicating on big events at venues in their areas.

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Cllr Terry Stacy, also of Highbury East ward, said: “This agreement was signed with some fanfare and while it has worked in some areas, there are crucial parts where it is lacking.

“One of the recent concerts there was an absolute nightmare. Although it happened in Haringey, we had people coming to the concert and parking in Islington.

“There was no consultation between the boroughs.

“This agreement has simply not worked and there is no proper co-ordination. I dread to think what will happen if Finsbury Park gets the go-ahead for these extra days.

“The council need to get around a table with the others and thrash out a new agreement.

Cllr Paul Convery, Islington Council’s executive member for community safety said: “At our request, we have already received advanced notice of the Finsbury Park concerts plan.

“Islington will be making a formal response, based on need to maintain a safe environment for our residents. We’ll also consider Hackney’s plans so the response is joined up.

“While this issue is being dealt with outside of the accord, those meetings are being kept updated.”