Finsbury Park to get its own Pokémon-GO style story

Photo by Tanya Boyarkina, courtesy of Furtherfield Gallery

Alex Dayo, Desree and David Kemp recording at Furtherfield Commons - Credit: Photo by Tanya Boyarkina, courtesy of Furtherfield Gallery

The future of Finsbury Park is in your hands after a technology collective put together a Pokémon GO-style interactive story. 

Artist and musician Desree has teamed up with composers Alex Dayo and David Kemp, and graphic designers Studio Hyte to present a three-part augmented reality sci-fi series.

In The Light and Dark, the first in the Future Fictions of Finsbury Park trilogy, participants can be directed around the green space – guided by a smartphone display where characters will pop up and interact. 

The story follows fictional character Isa who wakes up in the north London park with no memory of how she got there. The participant follows her around a futuristic Finsbury, with options that can explore alternative settings. 

Future Fictions is part of The People’s Park Plinth, an initiative by Furtherfield Gallery which encourages locals to engage with public art projects for Finsbury Park.  

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The project is one of three “digital artworks” released this summer, with the public invited to vote for their favourite. And the winner will see their project turned into a large scale project this autumn. 

To participate, scan the QR code on the People’s Park Plinth at Furtherfield Gallery or through

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