Finsbury Park rape victim describes moment she bit attacker’s tongue

THE brave victim of sex brute Metin Sanci told the court how she was pounced upon as she arrived home from work - but fought back to leave him covered in blood.

The 25-year-old barmaid said who was praised by the judge as “a woman of some substance” said: “I got to my front door and as I was putting the key in the door, it caught me so much by surprise.

I don’t know where he came from, I felt like I was dragged into the doorway.

“This person got me down to the ground and then forced himself on me.

“I had a dress on. He was trying to pull down my knickers and then he got them off.

“I had my legs up when I was trying to kick him off.

“I was defending myself so much.

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“I think he tried at the same time to undo his belt and his trousers.

“I was screaming so much, he was choking me with his hand around my neck and pushing so I kept choking.

“He was kissing me all on my face.

“That’s when he had his tongue in my mouth. So I bit him.

“Then he started shouting at me like: ‘You f**kin b**ch’.

“Then I could taste the blood.

“It was coming down my face, all down my neck.

“I was using my feet to get him away and then all I can remember is the police arriving.

“I could smell him, the stale sweat. The smell was really sticking out in my head.”