Finsbury Park stab victim’s girlfriend relives horror in court

A TEENAGE girl wept in court today, reliving the moment she chased the “dangerous” man who stabbed her boyfriend to death on her birthday.

Anna Betlinska, 18, pursued Alphonse Kruizinga down the street unaware he had left her 19-year-old boyfriend Marcin Bilaszewski fatally wounded, jurors at the Old Bailey heard.

She managed to grab his coat but he slipped out of it and escaped from the scene outside Finsbury Park station, it is claimed.

It was only when she turned back that she heard her boyfriend scream, “I’m hurt,” before collapsing to the ground on March 8 last year.

Miss Betlinska, who was celebrating her 18th birthday with friends that night, said: “My sister started screaming and my friends said, ‘Don’t look at this’.

“I told her I want to go and see what happened and I saw my boyfriend bleeding and his eyes moving up and down.

“I looked at him, I heard quiet, I didn’t hear anything and I knew this was the last time and it was time to say goodbye.”

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She said she felt protective of her boyfriend, whose friends had clashed with Kruizinga outside the squat where he lived in Clapton Common, Hackney.

Kruizinga allegedly blamed Poland for the Second World War and claimed “Hitler should have killed all the Polish people”.

Jurors heard Kruizinga, of no fixed address, had followed them on to a bus and challenged one of their friends to a fight at Finsbury Park station.

Anna said her boyfriend had told her he “had a few problems” with Kruizinga and that he was “dangerous”. She said Kruizinga followed them into the station, so she decided to run at him and kick him. Marcin then intervened, pushing Kruizinga away as Anna was held back by her friends, the court heard. She said she was aware something happened to Marcin in that struggle.

Anna said she chased Kruizinga when her friends let her go after “four to five seconds”, grabbing his jacket, which he slipped off. “He turned around and punched me in my neck,” she said. “After this he ran away.”

Marcin died soon after arrival at hospital. Five days later Kruizinga was arrested at Wood Green Common with two knives concealed in homemade paper sheaths up his coat sleeves.

Kruizinga denies murder. The trial continues.