Firefighters called out over Archway blaze fears - and find barbecue

Firefighters rushed to a community garden after smoke was spotted by an alarmed neighbour – but they arrived to find it was just staff enjoying a spring barbecue.

Two fire engines raced to Sunnyside Community Garden in Hazellville Road, Archway, on Saturday at about 6pm, but all they found was food rather than out-of-control flames.

Stuart Brownlie, a trustee of the garden, said: “Somebody kept phoning the fire brigade. They thought kids were setting the garden alight, but it was just a little staff barbecue.

“The firefighters came, checked the place and were happy. I was surprised but pleased that people in the community were worried there might be a fire. It’s a good thing they were concerned enough to phone, but a shame the fire engines had to be called out.”

A spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said: “Someone saw smoke in the park but on inspection it wasn’t anything.”