Fish ‘n’ Lips

Caledonian Road beauty salon is treating the sole

SOMETHING fishy is afoot on the Cally Road – as the latest “in thing” in health and beauty treatments comes to Islington.

Melanie Roberts, owner of It’s Tantastic, in Caledonian Road, claims that hers is the first beauty salon in the borough to offer “fish pedicures” for scaly soles.

Ms Roberts has splashed out on two filtered water tanks each teeming with 100 tiny Garra Rufa fish that love nothing better than to nibble away at hard skin and cuticles – leaving your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

The beautician, who set up shop three years ago and is more used to administering facials and manicures, said: “The fish are from Turkey and they just live on dead skin cells. They have a five second memory – that’s why they eat so much and keep coming back. It’s really good for eczema and cirrhosis.

“It’s quite trendy and ‘in’ at the moment. It dates back to the Romans and it’s really big in Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

“The suppliers only give out one tank in each area so as far as I know we’re the only place in Islington to have it. I didn’t really know anything about it at first but I said yes straight away.”

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The trendy treatment has previously only been available in well-heeled west London districts such as Kensington.

But since unveiling the new gimmick two weeks ago Ms Roberts says the women – and men – of Islington are more than willing to dip a toe in the water.

“The reaction has been brilliant,” said Ms Roberts. “Quite a few people have put it on their Facebook pages and loads of people are asking us about it now, men as well – sometimes we have more men than women in here! You can’t explain how it feels to people until they’ve had it done. The nearest thing is it feels a bit like a Jacuzzi. The water is filtered 15 times and kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria so there’s no risk of infection. There’s no age limit but pregnant women have to be careful because it does promote your blood circulation.”

The treatment costs �10 for 15 minutes of �16 for a half hour session.