Flood closes Archway tube station during rush hour

ARCHWAY tube station was closed earlier today after the ticket hall became flooded.

Passengers trying to board the Northern Line during the busy rush hour commute were told to take replacement buses when the underground station shut at 7.40am.

The flooding was contained to the ticket hall and staff accommodation rooms by the staff on site. It was eventually re-opened shortly after 10am.

Commuter Daniel Revell Ward, 24, of Hornsey Lane, Archway, said the buses were “really overcrowded” making him late for work. He added: “They said it would be closed for the rest of the day so it must be pretty serious. Lots of people must have had their commute disrupted.”

The cause of the flood is still under investigation by Transport for London (TfL).

A TfL spokeswoman said: “The fire brigade were not called out because we had contractors and staff on site to rectify the problem.”