Forum’s campaign sees two football pitches restored to Highbury Fields

Goalposts have been reinstated after a community campaign to get them back on a popular field.

Residents and youngsters in Highbury launched the campaign to have the two football pitches, including two sets of goalposts, reinstalled after a refurbishment led to a reduction in the number of pitches available at Highbury Fields.

The posts were removed when the football pitches were refurbished by the council, using funding from Arsenal Football Club.

The number of pitches was reduced from four to one to make space for a new netball court instead.

The refurbishment included the installation of a state-of-the-art astroturf football pitch, new fencing and surfaces and improved lighting for the whole area.

Sally Kinnes, Secretary of the Highbury Field Forum, the new user group for the Fields, said: “Many thanks to all those involved in the campaign, including our local councillors, for their efforts in getting Islington Council to reconsider their decision.

“Thanks too to the council for being willing to listen in the end.

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“We can’t wait to see the pitches and, more importantly, the goal posts back where they belong.”