From Boris to Mathieu Flamini, Islington celebrity recipes revealed

Arsenal's Mathieu Flamini: chicken and mushroom risotto. Picture: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Arsenal's Mathieu Flamini: chicken and mushroom risotto. Picture: PA Wire/Press Association Images - Credit: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Have you ever wondered what Boris eats to cure a hangover? Or what Arsenal’s Flamini might rustle up after a scoring a match-winning double against Tottenham? A new charity recipe book, Islington on a Plate, is soon to reveal all.

Reading through a preview of Islington on a Plate, one thing is clear. This is a recipe book that is shameless and proud of its name-dropping.

From the political elite (Boris Johnson, Cherie Blair, Emily Thornberry) to public figures (Clive Anderson, Mathieu Flamini, Nick Robinson), famous Islingtonians – as well as restaurants – pack the pages with their creations.

The book, which is the brainchild of Islington’s branch of Action Medical Research, a children’s medical charity, hits the shops next month.

With Boris’s “patent” hangover cure, the Scottish breakfast pattie, and nearly 100 other recipes, the committee thinks it will make an ideal Christmas present in aid of the charity.

Chairwoman Penny McCormack said: “The idea was very simple: send a recipe, help a charity. We’ve had recipes from celebrities, foodie heroes, businesses and restaurants all over the borough.

“We expect to raise lots of money for the charity. The book is £10, and thanks to generous sponsorship from Savills and donations from businesses, all the selling price will be profit.

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“Another plus is that the book is truly local, having been sourced, written, illustrated, designed and printed entirely in the borough.”

She added: “It’s been interesting to see the culinary trends from this book. There’s a huge Middle Eastern influence. Chickpeas are everywhere!

“Some people said they didn’t consider themselves cooks, but they still had crowd-pleasing recipes that they enjoy cooking for family and friends.”

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For now, here is a taster of some of the book’s recipes, starting with the unhealthiest.

Boris’s patent hangover cure

If you’ve had a few too many, try the Mayor of London’s Scottish breakfast pattie. If you dare.

In the simplest recipe to grace the book, he explains: “Take largest feasible amount of streaky bacon and fry in large pan.

“Remove bacon and reserve: you will not be able to face eating it.

“Look at pan and notice large pool of fat. Take 200g oatmeal and pour onto fat and fry until you produce a solid mulch. Add three tablespoons of thick cut marmalade.

“Throw out of window, or alternatively feed to the dog.”

Mr Johnson’s slightly healthier cheese on toast recipe is also in the book.

Mathieu Flamini’s chicken and mushroom risotto

The central midfielder’s high carb, high fibre recipe was shared by Christian Sandhagen, Arsenal’s head chef.

Gently fry 200g mushrooms, two shallots, half a diced carrot and half a diced celery stick in five tablespoons of olive oil until soft.

Add 200g strained farro and fry for another minute.

Start to add one litre of hot chicken stock, ladle by ladle – like cooking a risotto – stirring all the time.

Once the farro is cooked, add grilled chicken, parmesan and parsley and serve.

Add extra parmesan to taste.

Nick Robinson’s signature fish pie shells

The former BBC political editor’s fish pies are cooked in scallop shells, saying they are “deliciously crispy and cheesy on top”.

His cheat’s version is as follows. Heat the oven to 200 degrees. Mix fish pie mixture with ready made cheese sauce and share between six to eight scallop shells.

Boil four large potatoes to a soft consistency. Mash them with butter and a little milk. Season.

Spread over the fish mix, draw a fork across the top to ruffle the surface. Sprinkle a little grated cheese on top.

Bake for 15 mins until golden on the top and bubbling inside.