Furious Holloway residents charged �400 by ‘predatory’ parking company

�Furious residents were charged �400 to get vehicles back in a dispute over an estate parking bay.

Secure Parking Enforcement, based in City Road, Islington, is employed by three housing associations to manage spaces around the Kiver Road estate in Holloway.

Householders who were fined after they parked in a private bay for estate residents claim that Secure Parking Enforcement workers removed a sign which displayed the rules. But the company claimed that it was residents who had taken down the signage.

Louise Cristofoli, 37, of Cornwallis Square, said her mother paid �415 in December to have her Vauxhall returned.

Ms Cristofoli, a nurse who has a two-year-old daughter, continued: “There was no sign at the time but the next day it miraculously appeared. They are making a little gold mine.”

Resident Jonathan Cronin said his car was clamped in October after his wife Maureen parked in a yellow zone outside their house on Kiver Road. He added: “Several of us had parked in the spot many times before with no problems.

“We paid an on-the-spot �375 fee. The period between the clamping and the towing was less than one hour.”

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Family Mosaic, Circle 33 and Southern Housing Group formed a consortium and manage homes on the Kiver Road estate.

A spokeswoman for the housing associations said: “We were very concerned to hear about this and in consultation with our residents we will immediately investigate the issue involving Secure Parking Enforcement staff and take appropriate action if necessary.”

Derek Wills, a supervisor from Secure Parking Enforcement which looks after around 30 residential bays, said: “There has been a sign for three years but residents have been ripping it down.

“This is a professional business, not predatory, and we put the sign up to deter people.

“The area which has the most problems has a clearly marked yellow box for private parking.”