Gary Oldman spotted as latest Batman blockbuster filmed in Clerkenwell

The Caped Crusader came to Clerkenwell last week as Hollywood stars Christian Bale and Gary Oldman filmed the next Batman blockbuster.

The cast and crew, based in a car park in City Road, Finsbury, were ferried in minibuses and a brand new white Rolls-Royce - but no sign of the Batmobile – back and forth to a Victorian warehouse in St John Street, Clerkenwell, which doubled as the Gotham City police station.

Londoner Gary Oldman, who plays Commissioner Gordon, was seen several times wandering around the car park between takes.

Tony Marshall, who works for homelessness charity Shelter in City Road, said: “I couldn’t believe it. I always thought they made the Batman films in America. The stars’ trailers and production vehicles took up the whole of the car park – it was a massive crew.”

Director Christopher Nolan is shooting his third Batman film, The Dark Night Rises, which will be out in 2012.