Gazette letters: Bin collections, BBQs, Brexit, tube exit and police cameras

The Editor' s recycling bin was among those not collected for a week.

The Editor' s recycling bin was among those not collected for a week. - Credit: Archant

Earlier this year the council sent someone around delivering leaflets reminding us of the day change for rubbish collections, writes a Holloway resident, full name and address supplied.

We also got two emails.

The council, however, is routinely forgetting to turn up on the correct day. This started about a month or so ago and on two occasions I’ve had to call them up regarding missed pick-ups.

When you call, you don’t get to speak to them directly. How hard is it to change days, and why bother if it’s not possible to get the job done?

I pay my council tax and they’d be on my back if I didn’t. Shape up, Islington, and give us the basic service we deserve.

When asked by the Gazette, Islington admitted “some collections” had been missed, but said it was happening less since the new rota began.

I was glad to read Alastair Harper’s letter about how furious he is at the pollution levels affecting the most vulnerable in society, writes Vera Mitchel, Highbury, full address suppIied.

He’s absolutely right.

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However, he goes on to complain about the “affluent and fortunate” residents around Highbury Fields hijacking the issue for their anti-barbecue campaign. Clearly, Mr Harper is unaware of the 40 sheltered housing flats overlooking Highbury Fields occupied mostly by pensioners with health problems.

I have had lung cancer and had most of my right lung removed. On top of this, I suffer from COPD and asthma. I have five friends living in the same housing who also have COPD. All of us are aware traffic is the main cause of the pollution in London but we also know barbecues exacerbate the problem and prevent us from leaving our homes on sunny days. I have to keep my window shut when there are lots of barbecues on the fields. I don’t have another lung to spare.

Everyone loves seeing families having fun on the fields. We wouldn’t like to stop anyone coming to the fields to enjoy the fresh air – it’s one of the few green spots in Islington, which is why it’s important it is kept free of fumes.

I would like to invite Mr Harper and someone from the council to come round and meet some of the most vulnerable people living around Highbury Fields, struggling with the smoke and pollution in the heat of the summer. We love having people in our “back yard”, so please don’t insult us by calling us selfish – we just want to be able to breathe.

Brexit Square! , writes Christopher Thompson, full address supplied.

The only name possible for the day-long traffic jams created down the Holloway Road by the disastrous change to the Archway gyratory – an admittedly ugly, but very effective, roundabout and transport hub (not to speak of all the other faults).

Brexiteers could enjoy the commemoration of their triumph. Others could see it as a suitable monument to national cockups.

Please spread the word!

We’ve worked hard to help businesses affected by the Wells Terrace Tube entrance closure, writes Cllr Asima Shaikh, Islington Council’s economic development boss in response to story on the Finsbury Park exit closure in Wells Terrace.

This includes securing a 10 per cent reduction to rateable values in Wells Terrace and Clifton Terrace while the tube exit is closed, and a freeze for rateable values in Fonthill Road.

However, unfortunately, not all businesses will have seen a cut in bills because the government’s valuation office agency decided properties in Clifton Terrace were undervalued for business rates and imposed an increase greater than the 10pc reduction we secured.

Also, from April, the government’s decision to impose a massive hike in rateable values is likely to affect some businesses in Wells Terrace and Clifton Terrace. We completely oppose this.

Separately, we have spoken to TfL, which has agreed to receive compensation requests from businesses whose income has been significantly affected by the Tube exit closure. Businesses themselves must make claims directly to TfL. I would urge any business that has seen a loss of income related to the Tube exit closure to contact TfL with evidence.

It is fantastic news to see the police will be wearing cameras – it will provide the public with an insight into the difficulties of their task, writes Michael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

Perhaps it will enhance training as it is quite a short time before they are out and about. Most importantly, when there is an issue, there is independent evidence available to the IPCC.

The public pay for policing. Their confidence in the police management and its capacity is paramount to a better society.What’s strange is that it has taken so long.