Gazette letters: Brexit, moped crime, government cuts and Claudia Webbe

Nick Turton campaigning in Islington last year. Picture: STEVE POSTON

Nick Turton campaigning in Islington last year. Picture: STEVE POSTON - Credit: Archant

At various times since the EU referendum, Islington In Europe has been out on the streets of Islington persuading members of the public to maintain opposition to Brexit, writes Nick Turton, chairman, Islington In Europe.

With the support of Islington Council, we have also been organising public meetings at which EU citizens can obtain guidance on how their position will be affected by Brexit (the most recent was at the town hall earlier this month).

In a borough that voted heavily to remain in the EU, you would expect continued opposition to Brexit. But what is really striking is the growing number who voted Leave but have now changed their mind. Further, many people who voted Remain but thought they should abide by the result of the referendum are now saying they can no longer support the majority in the referendum because Brexit is revealing itself as a major threat to our standard of living and way of life.

In particular, we have been struck by the number of EU citizens working in essential services such as the NHS and social care who have decided to give up their jobs and leave the UK because of Brexit. On one occasion alone, one of our activists was approached by three doctors who said that they were leaving.

Has London now gone completely lawless? I ask this after reading the article on the front page of the Islington Gazette titled “Now moped crooks threaten the police”, writes Mr J E Kirby, Clissold Crescent, Stoke Newington.

I feel it is high time we reclaimed the streets for all decent people.

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The people who do this apparently have no fear in as much as when chased by a police officer on a marked police motorbike they not only threaten him with a knife but also slash the bike’s tyres.

It is about time the police are allowed to take these people off of the streets by all and any means possible. If it involves a hard stop then so be it.

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The people who do this show no hesitation in either hurting or even, in some cases, killing people to get what they want. If in a case of a hard stop by running off the road they get hurt, then so be it. They show no hesitation in hurting or killing people so why should we worry if the police do a hard stop and they get hurt as a result? These people must be shown that they will be taken down and if need be taken down hard – then the message will get across.

I don’t want to see ordinary people taking the law into their own hands to stop this; this is what we pay the police for. Hopefully the police will be allowed to take these people out of circulation instead of ordinary law-abiding people being frightened of using the streets in case they are mugged for their phones.

These low-lives (this is what they are), should be the ones who should be afraid of being caught, and as and when they are caught they should be given some serious time in custody instead of being given a slap on the wrist as apparently they are at the


The sooner the police are allowed to take these people off the streets the better.

You have covered some worrying news stories in the last few issues, regarding thefts from mopeds, the increasing violence of some of the criminals to the point of threatening the police, armed robbery and a murder, writes Mike Crowson, Islington Green Party.

I suggest we are seeing the long term impact of government cuts to police funding, particularly the ignoring of low-level crime and cuts to community policing. While there are things we could do as a community, and the police could take more action with

information from the “find my device” Apple or Android apps,

the fact remains that leaving car crime or burglary uninvestigated and relying on insurance to recompense the victim and subsidise the criminal is a recipe for a continued downward spiral.

In the end, this is a difficulty caused by the government. One cannot cut police resources at the same time demanding more.

The problem is that this government has no time for any issue beyond Brexit and they aren’t making a very good job of that.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP and Labour leader, refuses to sing “God Save the Queen” and plans to stop tax avoidance schemes, writes Anita Frizzarin, Wedmore Gardens, Islington.

His supporter on the national executive Cllr Claudia Webbe tweets: “Congratulations to Meghan Markle on your engagement to Prince Harry #Prince Harry #RoyalWedding2018.”

And there I was thinking that Corbyn’s supporters were for the many not the few.

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