Gazette letters: Brexit, Old Street post office and school support staff

Emily Thornberry MP. Photograph: PA.

Emily Thornberry MP. Photograph: PA. - Credit: PA Wire/PA Images

The clear Stop Brexit policy of the Liberal Democrats is one thing – common sense, writes Kate Pothalingam, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP Candidate for Islington South and Finsbury.

Ms Thornberry comparing the Lib Dems to the Taliban, a fundamentalist group responsible for so much violence, intimidation and oppression, is abhorrent.

She should apologise immediately for her use of incendiary language about a political opponent which shows poor judgement unbecoming of an elected representative. This type of language is divisive and intolerant and must be called out. Politicians especially should not play to extremes. Perhaps the Labour shadow foreign secretary needs lessons in diplomacy? Islington South and Finsbury is a fiercely pro-European and pro-remain electorate that strongly backs revoking Article 50: In the 2016 referendum more than 71.7 per cent of local voters chose Remain. The Liberal Democrats beat Labour and won the EU elections in Islington with a clear Stop Brexit message this year, and 23,770 people in Islington South have signed the petition to "Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU".

At the next election the voters of Islington South and Finsbury will be able to choose a party of remain, they will be able to choose the Liberal Democrats. Every vote for us is a vote to stop Brexit

Post offices offer local people vital services that are central to their everyday lives, write Cllr Phil Graham, Cllr Claudia Webbe and Cllr Troy Gallagher, Islington Labour Councillors for Bunhill ward.

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From accessing social security support, to applying for passports and posting parcels - post offices are highly valued by many people.

The Old Street Crown Post Office offers the full range of services that local people rely on. It is a busy branch that meets the needs of thousands of local people every year.

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We are, therefore, extremely concerned that the Post Office Ltd is planning to close this much-loved Post Office, which sits at the heart of the local community.

Together with Emily Thornberry MP and Cllr Asima Shaikh (executive member for Inclusive Economy & Jobs), we have written to the chief executive of the Post Office Ltd to urge her to rethink these plans and to meet with us urgently.

We are concerned about proposals that would see this purpose-built Post Office downgraded to a counter in a food and drink shop further away from Old Street station.

We need local people to make their opposition to this closure heard loud and clear.

- Please sign our petition to save Old Street Post Office here -

I have heard plenty about the government's promised pay rise to teachers including NQTs, writes Miss R Smith, Islington, full address supplied.

However, I have not heard a mention of the thousands of support staff that are working in education at the moment.

Teaching assistants, SEN support and many more support staff who resource, plan and teach lessons be it with one child or a group of children. These staff are a valuable and much needed asset and, therefore, deserve the recognition along side other teaching staff in our schools.

I have two issues to raise. Firstly, I wonder where the victim may stand (or sit sprawled on the ground) if they get clumped by an electric scooter or electric bike, writes Michael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

As these things are bikes with a motor surely they are motorbikes so how come they don't need insurance.

No one wins if some person becomes a victim (suffering serious injury or death).

I have seen some of those bike really move at speed.

Secondly, on a completely different topic, I wonder how Jeremy Corbyn hopes to gather power if he backs Remain, the 48 per cent side of the referendum.

That is not a figure which produces a majority by a long shot and considering the LibDem party don't appear to wish to back him, or by the looks of it his renationalisation policies, they said we could work with a different person.

So is Jeremy Corbyn finished along with his policies?

He will not be accepted in a coalition as a majority - it is way out of his reach.

Jeremy Corbyn will never become prime minister if he fails to be re-elected as MP, writes Nick Wakeling, Liberal Democrat and prospective MP candidate for Islington North.

I am standing against him to defeat his so-called sensible position, because it is in direct contrast to the huge support for remain among Islington North voters. This is the electorate that voted 78.4 per cent for remain in 2016; the fourth highest remain vote in the country.

In 2017 these voters gave him the benefit of the doubt on Brexit but since then he has continued to take them for granted.

As a result, the people of Islington North increasingly see his position on Brexit as frustrating, not sensible. They have been let down for too long and have had enough.

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