Gazette letters: Council complaints, postal service, Stuart Low Trust, Brexit, election, Highbury Corner, BBQ


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Is Islington Council’s complaints procedure fit for purpose? writes P J Leamy, Cowdenbeath Path, Barnsbury.

My experience suggests “no”. I sent my complaint to the head of the department I was complaining about and they discussed it with colleagues and then dismissed the complaint.

Then I sent my complaint to the complaints department. Three days later I received notification my complaint had been rejected.

I then wrote to the chief executive asking for an investigation by the overview and scrutiny committee into the failures of the complaints procedure and got no response.

Scrutiny must be more independent. There might be light at the end of the tunnel as MPs have called for an enquiry into the overview and scrutiny committees’ performance in local government. Ask your MP to put your complaint to the committee in central government to help with their enquiry and this might bring about an independent procedure.

What’s happening to our postal service? writes an Islington resident, full name and address supplied:

I received a letter on April 5. On reading the contents all the appointments were for March.When I checked the envelope, it had been posted on February 6 in Romford. It had taken nine weeks to reach me.

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I spoke to the postman and I was told I wasn’t the only one.

I wrote to the manager at Holloway sorting office and am still waiting for a reply – perhaps my letter has gone astray, too.

I sincerely hope you receive this letter some time this year.

Charity is not like you portrayed it

I was so shocked when I saw the article about the Stuart Low Trust. It is unbelievable, writes a Stuart Low Trust client, name and address withheld:

I have been going to the Stuart Low Trust for five years and it has done so much for me. I would not be here today if not for them. Hannah [Kalmanowitz, chief exec] is a wonderful person who goes out of her way to help people, and so are the other people and volunteers who work for the Trust. Nothing is too much trouble for them. My friend has been going for 15 years.

Stop publishing the word ‘Brexit’, writes Max Nottingham, full address supplied.

I voted leave in the referendum because many poorer people thought it would benefit them. Those who live longest will see if it does. hat said, I am truly sick of the word Brexit. Should not national broadcasters be persuaded to have “Brexit-free days”?

We must keep tabs on Theresa May in case she does a clever U-turn during the negotiations. Politics is by definition a devious business, especially at the top.

Could Corbyn do a Donald Trump? writes Michael McElligott, Amwell Street, Islington.

Prime minister Theresa May has done the country a huge favour by declaring a snap election.

It will provide answers to many issues, starting with: is Jeremy Corbyn a victim of terrible media coverage? The public will speak loud and elect him.

He could deliver a Trump-style shock victory. Or has Joe Public had a complete overdose of two parties within one Labour Party and will it seek to dump Labour from politics for a very long time?

I think some MPs must be very fearful at the prospect of an election – well, employment-wise.

The chaos at Highbury Corner has just got worse and is likely to continue into the summer, writes Tim Sayer, Highbury, Highbury, full address supplied.

The shambles caused by the bridge-rebuilding outside Highbury and Islington station is being added to because Essex Road northbound from Islington Green has been shut while Thames Water digs up the road outside Pizza Express.

All traffic has to go along Upper Street, with tailbacks stretching south from Highbury Corner to Cross Street. And when the present holes are filled in, there will be more in Upper Street.

On June 30, 2016, I asked Cllr Claudia Webbe at Islington Town Hall how she knows those who have barbecues in Highbury Fields have no space at home, as she argued, writes Anita Frizzarin, Wedmore Gardens, Upper Holloway.

A big lawn away from your own house, cleaned by someone else at public expense, would seem quite handy if you want to have a barbecue and no responsibility.

And do barbecue holders get to Highbury Fields on bikes or do they drive? I never got beyond the first question, because I was thrown out of the Town Hall without a reply.

So I still don’t know how Cllr Webbe checks the need of barbecue holders to use Highbury Fields.